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Welcome Hotel gives you ideas for a Father's Day in Paris
8 Jun

Welcome Hotel gives you Ideas for the Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming soon and Welcome Hotel has decided to give you some ideas for a successful celebration in Paris! Many activities are available to you if you are in the city on June 18, 2017: sport, culture, gastronomy … 

First of all, who says “Father’s Day“, says “Chocolate“! Not far from Welcome Hotel, you will find easily a few treats to offer. Chocolate sculptures at Larnicol or Patrick Roger, on Boulevard Saint-Germain, small chocolates to match at Alain Ducasse, in rue Saint-Benoit, or at Pierre Marcolini’s in rue de Seine, or a chocolate fondue with the flavor you want, on boulevard Saint-Germain too ( shop is called Les Fondues au Chocolat).

Culture in family, why not ?! The Museum of Natural History offers until June 19th, a “male” exhibition: “The World of Bears”. A playful staging and a very interesting content! Take the opportunity to visit the Menagerie of Jardin des Plantes and the Greenhouses. If the weather is nice, the walk is very pleasant. And for the humorous touch, why not take your Dad to the Museum of Decorative Arts? The exhibition “Travaux de Dames” Will teach him the role of women in the applied arts. The Wine Museum can also be a great experience. Besides the beauty of the place, you can participate in a tasting, a workshop or even a dinner.


Welcome Hotel gives you ideas for a Father's Day in Paris

Welcome Hotel gives you ideas for a Father’s Day in Paris

If you want to make sport, Luxembourg Garden has tennis courts. Book and enjoy a relaxing family time in a privileged setting. Then take an ice cream at the entrance of the garden, and sit on the mythical green chairs.

From June 16th to 18th, a very festive event takes place on the Quai Saint-Exupery “Paris-Basque”. on the program, pelota, rugby, tasting, it’s a safe bet that testosterone will be in force!


Finally, for a restaurant that will please your Dad, choose the Argentinean restaurant La Cueva del Diablo, in rue Cardinal Lemoine, take a divine steak with a Chilean wine …


And of course in the evening, come back to see us at Welcome Hotel and tell us about your crazy Father’s Day!