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24 May

Cultural Night in Paris

As you already know, we love the European Night of Museums! It is a wonderful opportunity to discover places, artists, and even currents. This year we went through the small streets of the 6th and 5th arrondissements of Paris. And because we like to share our emotions and memories with our readers, here is where our curiosity led us …

We started our cultural race by the House of Auguste Comte, near Carrefour de l’Odéon. A particularly interesting visit since it is the last apartment inhabited by the philosopher. We walk in the rooms with decorations faithful to the originals and furnitures of Auguste Comte. On the occasion of the European Night of Museums and Designers Days, the artist Mathias Kiss unveiled his exhibition “Out of Time“. Everyday objects covered with golden leaves took their place in the apartment. The surprising encounter of universes separated by two centuries.

Cultural Night in Paris: the House of Auguste Comte

Cultural Night in Paris: the House of Auguste Comte

Leaving this Parisian house, we headed to the Cluny Museum, in order to listen to medieval music. But we were not the only ones to have had this idea and so we gave up and chose the Val de Grace. The Museum of Army Health Services is amazing! The building itself is a pleasure to discover, and the content is most interesting. Indeed, medicine has evolved greatly with wars and each room teaches us the changes of techniques, of learning but also of application. Surgery on the war front is something quite incredible. The conditions were such that one had to compete with ingenuity to practice the interventions as well as possible. The moldings presented show the fantastic results obtained. The visit of the Val de Grace ends with the splendid Church. A must to see!

Finally, we took the road to the Hungarian Institute near Saint-Sulpice. You certainly know this place with the sublime sculpture of a woman sitting on a bench at the entrance. Inside, an exhibition “Those who built Budapest” highlighted architectural drawings. On the ground floor, the end of a musical and happy evening could be heard …

At 1:00 am, the European Night of Museums went out for us and we returned to our Welcome Hotel … Until next event ! 🙂